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The VSD NETWORK is a social network that pays users for their activity. Imagine if your favorite social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram paid you to create an account, make friends, share ideas, take polls, watch videos, or even sell items! With just about everything you do on the VSD NETWORK, you earn cryptocurrency tokens. Even get paid extra for referrals and signups with our referral program. Visit our Knowledge-base even get paid for learning how to use the platform.

That’s not the only thing that makes the VSD NETWORK unique.

In addition to earning free cryptocurrency for using the network, you can spend it in the VSD SHOP. Purchase unique items and merchandise from name brand manufacturers like Sony, Apple, Microsoft, LG, and more.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple actually. The entire network consists of many brands (companies) that also reward their users’ activity in cryptocurrencies.

Community involvement drives the VSD NETWORK platform. What does this mean? When you have questions, ask the community because you get paid for each post. Create groups to better the community and get paid for every user that joins. Suggest a platform improvement and cash in big. The possibilities for earning are nearly infinite.

Join the Community and start earning cryptocurrency tokens.

Token Value

It is important to understand that VSD NETWORK is NOT a financial institution. VSD tokens are NOT securities of any kind. VSD cannot guarantee returns of any kind as this is illegal in the United States.  Just like any exchange, the value of the coins will change depending on the demand and prices of the tokens. The more people that join our community the more valuable each VSD  becomes. The behavior of the brands also is likely to affect the overall value of the tokens.  Token holders can trade the “brand” token for VSD token. The VSD tokens will be deployed to our VDX (VSD Decentralized Exchange), which can be exchanged for popular cryptocurrencies.  (LBJ/VSD/ETH/USD) This will occur when our community has significant growth. 

Note: The founding members (“Network Executives”) cannot withdraw their initial investment sooner than 24 months from initial registration  (this only applies to VSD’S not purchased), and cannot withdraw more than 40% at any given time with a total withdraw wait time of seven days. This will ensure that the overall exchange can support large withdrawals without a widespread crash.

Registration fees, Tx (transaction) fees, and trading fees are used to pay for company overhead and community improvements. VSD’s (also referred to as VSD Gold) are ERC20 Cryptocurrency token, created using smart contract technology to ensure that all tokens are distributed fairly and transparently. This is vital to gain trust from our community and future company investors.

For legal purposes, We never refer to our tokens as “money,”  “dollars,” or “cents.” The VSD tokens and “Brand tokens” are considered “utility tokens.” 

Already have cryptocurrency or need Etherium?  “VDX” (VSD Decentralized Exchange) runs on the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain and is where you buy your most trusted cryptocurrency or “ETH”. 

The “VBX” (VSD Brand Exchange) is how users purchase brand tokens like MaxCoin (XMAX), LBJ tokens and more.

See total tokens in circulation (more charts available to logged in members)


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©2018 VSD NETWORK - Creating Brand Exclusivity -

ERC20 CONTRACT: 0xa37cdc5ce42333a4f57776a4cd93f434e59ab243

MAX: 700,000,000 Avail: 
0.0000000 VSD


Pedro el Poeta0.0050000 VSDVSD for logging in
VSD BANK-0.0050000 VSDVSD for logging in
VSD BANK-0.0003200 VSDVSD for site visit
Pedro el Poeta0.0003200 VSDVSD for site visit
VSD BANK-0.0050000 VSDVSD for logging in
Pedro el Poeta0.0050000 VSDVSD for logging in
Preston0.0000001 VSD
VSD from Terrence Hill Tx: COMPLETE.
Terrence Hill-0.0000001 VSD
VSD to Preston Tx: COMPLETE.
VSD BANK-0.0003200 VSDVSD for site visit
Rodrick Perryman0.0003200 VSDVSD for site visit
VSD BANK-0.0000500 VSDVSD for viewing a page
Rodrick Perryman0.0000500 VSDVSD for viewing a page
VSD BANK-0.0008000 VSDVSD for new friendship
wspj0.0008000 VSDVSD for new friendship
Rodrick Perryman0.0008000 VSDVSD for new friendship




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