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How It Works

Digital tokens can be used in an unlimited variety of ways. Our loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies designed to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program. Teach children how to be responsible with money, or impliment in school systems.

School Program

Use VSD tokens in your local school system as a way to promote positive behavor. Our School Program can help keep students connected and interested.

Allowance Program

Our Allowance Program allows a parent to issue VSD tokens to thier children, while acceptng tokens as a form of payment for various things like playing video games, or even mobile phone time.

Gift Cards

Our VSD preloaded gift cards can be used in a number of ways from loyalty points to home credit card like system. Cards are pre-loaded and can be reloaded.

Custom Implimentation

Have a program taylored to your needs. One of our trained staff membres can discuss with you some of the exciting ways its being used today.

Our Skills, Talents &


We develop each system individually to taylor it to the needs of the client.

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Easy & Simple - No Coding Required!

Our programs are seemless and do not require any actions from you. In most cases a program can be implemented withtin 30 days.

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What Our Clients Said

“a new and innovative way to communicate.”

VSD NETWORK is filled with a variety of ways to incentivize and excite.

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